Business Issues

If you’ve been in business for a while, you may think you are up to date on legal issues that may effect you. Most likely you are not. There are many areas that should be looked at, at least annually. Here are some areas to consider.

Have you had an intellectual property inventory performed? You may not be aware, but your business name, logos, tag lines and even jingles can be registered as a trademark, which offers you more protection for your branding. You may have software, e-books or other written material that could be suitable for a copyright. Maybe getting a non disclosure agreement would be something you can benefit from. With all these possible rights, you may be looking to license this work to others, or keep others from using your company secrets. The list can be endless, but if you don’t take a look, you’ll never know.

If you have employees, you should be current with employment laws that may effect you. Should they be classified as independent contractors? Do you have an employee manual, and if so, is it current and being followed?

Are you a brick and mortar company, e-commerce, or both? With each, there are various laws that need to be followed to make sure you can keep your liability at a minimum. If you have a web site, you will need terms and conditions, a privacy policy, and possibly some form of security to make sure your information is kept safe. Are you co-branding with another company? If so, there are concerns that should be raised about their policies and security as well. Whether you are just starting an e-commerce site or have one already in existence, its a good idea to make sure you are up to speed on the various laws that exist for this burgeoning area.

There are many areas with any business that should be reviewed by an attorney, to make sure you are taking advantage of, as well as not being taken advantage of. My office is ready to help you meet these challenges.